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Decor Matters: Maximising Space Within Small Rooms

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Decor Matters: Maximising Space Within Small Rooms

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Acquiring a home in Ghana, especially in the capital appears to be a somewhat cumbersome affair for most urban dwellers. Due to the skyrocketing prices of homes in our cities, most inhabitants live in overcrowded houses built with very poor materials. Families are also forced to stay in single rooms that could have five or more people to a room, including their belongings.

Tough, though, as it may appear, spaces in our homes can be meticulously planned to meet the needs of every individual, even in small houses.

To avoid a cramped-look especially during this year, it is important to design our spaces in a planned manner, taking into consideration not only proper light and ventilation, but also placement of our furniture.

Most interior designers today suggest that in order to save spaces within our homes, it is important to create furniture with multiple uses or the kind of furniture that can be folded and hidden away in wall or ceiling.

Placement of furniture, they suggest, should be done in such a way that it does not interrupt the open spaces of the house and small spaces need to be intelligently decorated to make them look spacious. Colours, of course, have great roles to play in the look of our rooms as well.

Thus, space management of a house is not only about buying everything new, but is also about putting things in the right places and keeping them in order.


In order to maximise spaces within our homes during this year and beyond, let’s help ourselves with the following:

  • Remove large entertainment space: If you have your television, stereo, gaming system, among other gadgets, taking up valuable spaces in your room, consider moving them to another room such as the family or living room. If you can’t live without your television, a flat screen mounted on the wall will instantly add space to your bedroom.
  • Organise your cabinets: Storage closets should be organised to utilise all vertical spaces efficiently.  The more you can store in your closets, the more space you reserve in the main bedroom area. This tip applies to children’s rooms too.
  • Buy furniture that is multifunctional: A bed that has drawers below and a bookshelf at the headboard has already combined three pieces of furniture in one.  If you decide to use a large piece of furniture, ensure it can house the majority of your storage needs, without having to use other pieces of furniture to block valuable space.
  • Reduce the size of your bed: Let’s face it, we would all love to have a king-sized bed in our rooms, but do we actually NEED one?  You can answer that question yourself; you may be willing to reduce the size if you knew how much space you would free up in going for another alternative.
  • Remove large storage furniture: Armoires and clothes dressers can use a lot of floor space.  Opt for rolling under bed storage that can hold clothes and belongings. This will give our room more space and visually will look more spacious. Once removed, more natural light will pour into your space!
  • Maximise storage on walls: Use open and closed shelving to remove bookshelves, and storage furniture units off of the floor and on to the walls. Opt for wall mirrors that hang on the walls over large ones that sit on the floor.
  • We can try to buy smaller and easily moveable pieces of furniture so that they can alter the arrangement from time to time to give a particular room a brand new look. For starters, choosing cabinets with few open shelves, or instead of buying bulky sofa set, one can opt for single seat with legs and light chairs can be good options to give the room a more airy feeling.
  • Space-saving furniture is one of the most common effective space management tricks – built-in wardrobes and beds, folding tables and sofas are simply lifesavers when it comes to saving space. Some of these have storage spaces to keep things right inside your table. So you might want to consider the folding bed with built-in shelves or wardrobe instead of that king-size bed you have always been dreaming of.
  • In the living room, a sofa or two should be considered a must along with a television and sound system in one cabinet. An area rug can also add colour to the room. Sofa-cum-beds (also called settees) are also quite popular among home-makers, which provide great storage options to keep all clutter out of sight.
  • Use other rooms in your home: Take seasonal clothing and seldom worn formal wear and put in a hall closet.  Hall closets are a great option because they are rarely used and opened on a regular basis.


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