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I suffered from 'kpokpo gbli gbli' Alistair pleads in court

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I suffered from 'kpokpo gbli gbli' Alistair pleads in court

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One of three contemnors at the Supreme Court is leading a temper-justice-with-mercy chorus in a desperate effort to escape jail term.


Alistair Nelson in a somber mood told the court he suffered from "kpo kpo gbli gbli" or was overcome by some spirit which forced him to make the contemptuous comments. He prayed the court for leniency.


Alistair and two others, Godwin Ako Gunn and host of the Pampaso political program on Montie FM, Salifu Maase have been cited for contempt over threatening comments they made against Supreme Court judges.


They threatened to kill the judges if they ruled against the Electoral Commission in a voter's register case brought before the Supreme Court by a member of the PNC Abu Ramadan.


They were held in contempt together with the owners of the station and were to show reason why they should not be found guilty.


The prayed the court for more time to the study the summons when the case was called on July 12, a request the judges acquiesced and adjourned to July 18.


On Monday, the three contemnors lined up before the justices and led by their counsel, they sung a rehearsed chorus for leniency rather than justice.


Audio pleas


The judges ordered a rebroadcast of the contemptuous comments made by the contemnors but the counsel for the three pleaded against it.


They said they were so ashamed of the contents of the audio and did not want it replayed but the presiding judge Sophia Akuffo said they were at the court to deliver to justice.


She handed the audios to the registrar and the contents were played, Joy News' Raymond Acquah reported.

The counsel for the various contemnors took turns to apologise for the comments made but the three main 'suspects' were made to speak in their own defence.


Blame Game


Alistair Nelson blamed a strange spirit for his comments. He told the court he suffered from kpokpogbligbli which forced him into making the contemptuous comments and pleaded for mercy.


Salifu Maase, the host of the show blamed his producer for leading the panelist in their threat to kill crusade against the judges.


When he was asked to defend his statement: "Alistair open the fire and let's go" the host said his producer was supposed to call him to order but he failed to do so. He also pleaded for mercy.


Godwin Ako-Gunn who had early on denied ever being present on the day the alleged contemptuous comments were made a u-turn when he returned to court.


He withdrew the statement he issued denying ever being present on the fateful day.


More soon



Source: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com

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